FORCIOT to travel across the US with Traveling Sauna

FORCIOT team is super happy to announce a cooperation with a wonderful new partner! Via the Traveling Sauna FORCIOT, with Suomi Finland100, will be celebrating centennial Finland and experience an unforgettable road trip across the United States. Traveling Sauna is an export promotion campaign tailored to increase Finland’s exports to the United States, targeting to meet face-to-face over 80 million consumers, and the entire nation through social media channels. Traveling Sauna, with FORCIOT on board(!), will during the year ride across the entire US continent, from coast to coast, over 10,000 miles to enable people to experience Finnish culture, Finnish achievements and Best of the Best Innovation!

While promoting FORCIOT technology on the road we in FORCIOT are equally excited to promote our wonderful country, our roots, that we are so proud of. The best of the best education system, world leading high-tech engineering ecosystems, safe and secure data management, pure nature, integrity in values and actions and of course world famous SISU for not giving up on your dreams.

During the year we will be tweeting and writing about the tour and exciting stops with the following hashtags: #ForciotGoesToSauna #TravelingSauna #SuomiFinland100.

Attached also a link to CBS morning news with Finnish ambassador to US, Kirsti Kauppi, who tells her views on Traveling Sauna US tour:


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