Improve your operational excellence with a weight-based IoT system

The Forciot technology works on and with several surface materials, which means it can be integrated into various products and equipment of different size and shape. In addition, it can be used on both rigid and soft surfaces and unlike many competing solutions, it reacts to and measures not just weight, but also touch and force and gets the user as close to the real-time data as possible.

It provides the user with the load and balance data of their goods and gives them an opportunity to act immediately to optimize the operations, increase efficiency, minimize cost and damage.

In addition to offering Forciot technology to different manufacturers to be used in their products and equipment, Forciot is also launching its own end-product portfolio to the market.

Forciot products have been designed and built following sustainability principles and will help the end users to for instance significantly lower logistics costs and decrease CO2 emissions by optimizing warehouse operations.



The FORCIOT® SKID system manages inventories of materials that are not possible to identify as single objects in an intelligent way – based on weight.

The system can be used to alert you if an object is no longer present or to ensure that everything is still in place. It is also possible to set a threshold value for the load, in which case the SKID will help you make sure new products are ordered before the stock is too low.


The SKID system is mobile and cost effective to both set up and use.

The system consists of FORCIOT® SKID sensor plate(s) with integrated handle and locking system for connecting several SKIDS to each other, a gateway to transmit data, Microsoft Azure IoT hub cloud for storing data and an web application for viewing and analyzing data.


The system consists of an intelligent plywood covered sensor plates: Skids. One skid is sized 600 x 800 mm, half Euro pallet.

Several skids can be attached together to cover larger areas and integrated into the application for monitoring warehouse fill rate and to optimize order processes.


FORCIOT® SKID is not just a sensor plate that measures weight, it is a fully automated monitoring system for supply chains with advanced IoT sensors.

Easy to use web application provides realtime information to users anywhere at anytime. It can be used with any mobile device or with computer.

System alerts you when a set threshold is achieved or if the weight changes on the SKID sensor plate.