Multiple sensing areas to measure pressure and force distribution

Multiple sensing areas to measure WEIGHT, pressure, and force distribution

In car seats FORCIOT® stretchable electronics solution measures place, movement, and pressure on the seat and back rest. Based on the sensor data child presence (CPD), seat occupancy and number of passengers can be defined. Pressure sensor with multiple sensing areas shows weight distribution in seat base and back areas to identify those areas where is less pressure. Any mechanical switches and buttons can be replaced with HMI controls on the side of the seat or in soft seat cushion.




Accuracy, consistency, and robustness in a variety of conditions

Pressure sensors detect whether a person or an object is on the seat (Occupant Classification). This data can be connected to SBR (seat belt reminder). For safety and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) data from seat pressure sensors can be connected to steering wheel analytics to determine if the driver is reaching to the steering wheel properly. On headrest proximity and various levels of moves and force measurements generate added value data for safety.

FORCIOT® printed stretchable electronics solution works with both soft and rigid surface materials. It is very robust and durable.

Sensors in the driver’s seat backrest enable automatic seat adjustments for comfort and safety.

Thin stretchable sensor sheets can be placed in various areas of the seat, covering the points of interest. In seat base sensors can be in the seat surface A and/or B. In surface A solution is under the upholstery or deeper under the foam layers. In surface B sensors are placed under the foam layers.


Want to use Forciot technology in your own development or integrated into your product?

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