FORCIOT, a Challenge Finland 2017 Winner!

Providing advanced and most user friendly energy management solutions is in the core of the future wearable business. No doubt energy harvesting knowledge and innovations are some of the greatest competitive advantage areas in wearable technology development as well. For these reasons FORCIOT has chosen energy harvesting as one of the most important technology Research and Development future focus areas.

FORCIOT team is very excited to announce that FORCIOT, together with superb partners, has been selected as a CHALLENGE FINLAND 2017 WINNER – including significant funding, in defining future energy harvesting solutions.
Read more about the winning project behind following publications:

Challenge Finland competition & winners

Challenge Finland, Energy Harvesting Project

Petri Järvinen (Forciot CTO), explaining in a video interview why Energy Harvesting is seen important in FORCIOT

Forciot in Tekniikan Maailma (June 2017), relating the Challenge Finland 2017 winner project


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