FORCIOT set to revolutionize car interiors with world’s first stretchable 3D multitouch-pad module for elastic surfaces

Sep 10, 2019 | News, Presentations and videos, Press releases, Technology

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Forciot, a Finnish technology company that develops advanced IoT sensor solutions, launched the FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module for car interiors today at the world’s largest motor show, the 2019 International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung – IAA) in Frankfurt. Based on the company’s patented sensor technology, the FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module can turn an entire car’s interior surface into a stretchable control pad with touch and force functionalities. Thanks to its exceptional stretching ability and advanced algorithms, the FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module can continuously change form during its life cycle.

The FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module can be easily integrated under leather, fabric and other materials, enabling it to transform any surface in a car’s interior into 3D multitouch-pads, sliders or stretchable force buttons. This frees car designers from working with only fixed HMI control unit cockpit locations and shapes. The FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module’s control surfaces can be brought up or descended invisibly below the surface level when needed, allowing for a minimalistic yet intuitive dashboard experience.

“Forciot’s mass manufacturable technology is a true game changer as the automotive industry approaches the world of shared driving. The same vehicle will be driven by hundreds of people, all with different needs and user preferences. The FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module makes it possible to design a personalized dashboard experience for each driver,” points out Tytti Julkunen, Forciot, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO.

The FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module is the result of over a decade of research and development. Forciot’s patented sensor technology was developed by some of the world’s leading engineers and product experts. Forciot’s team members have previously worked for technology giants such as Nokia, Microsoft and Intel or as researchers at the Tampere University of Technology. Input for the FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module development was also provided by the company’s global network of partners.

“We are ready to start the sale and shipping of the FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module immediately and are looking forward to being part of the next big development in the automobile industry,” says Maria Alm, Forciot, Chief Executive Officer, CEO.

The FORCIOT® Stretch-pad module, integrated into a demo dashboard, is on display at Forciot’s booth (Hall 5, B3410) at the IAA.

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About Forciot:
Forciot is a Finnish start-up established in December 2015. The company develops advanced IoT sensor solutions in its headquarters in Tampere. Forciot’s unique stretchable electronics solution measures and reports force, weight, balance and pressure accurately. The innovative printed electronics solution can be utilized as an HMI touch controller or as a replacement for buttons in elastic environments, such as in car interiors.

By using advanced measurement algorithms and incorporating different machine learning elements, the Forciot system self-calibrates to assure accuracy and improve functionality during the lifetime of the product. Forciot works with the automotive, logistics and wearable technology sectors.