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Technology and services

Unique printed stretchable electronics

Unique printed stretchable electronics

Unique printed stretchable electronics
FORCIOT’s product is essentially a measurement and IOT technology that consists of following three elements:
  1. Force measurement hardware for actual force measurements
  2. Cloud based software application to store, process and view the data and
  3. Product integration service for customization and technical support

Sensor matrix can be tailored to different form factors and size. It is possible to utilize same measurement system in most customer products and equipment fast with only moderate customization efforts.

How it works?

Stretchable sensor matrix and electronics


Stretchable force measurement hardware for actual force and power measurements.

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Force measurement hardware:
The force measurement hardware measures dynamic force and pressure distribution, processes the measured raw data with specific advanced algorithms and sends the resulting real-time data to an application through a wireless connection. The hardware itself consists of two main elements: a force sensor matrix and reading electronics. These are connected together physically and thus are both integrated into the customer’s product or equipment.

The unique printed stretchable sensor matrix:
The sensor matrix is formed from very thin layers of stretchable and conformable materials each having different and optimized electromechanical characteristics. The core of the force sensor matrix technology is based on printing conductive material into thin stretchable sheets. Because of the thinness and flexibility, sensors can be integrated into demanding elastic environments. Parameters which can be customized are: the amount of sensors, the area and thickness of sensors, sensor placements, applied force scale for sensors and non-conductive outer materials. These parameters, as well as electrical and material specific aging parameters, are used in a specific compensation and self-calibrating algorithm to ensure reliable and accurate results in different conditions, throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Reading electronics:
Each sensor is individually connected to the electronics module through a connector. The module reads analogue values from sensors, converts those to digital form, applies self-calibration and compensation algorithms to individual electrode values and sends the data forward by wireless connection. Additional on-board sensors like temperature and motion sensors (including accelerometer and gyroscope sensors) provide data for those algorithms, as well as for power management purposes. Energy management is based on a Lithium-Ion battery which can be charged either wirelessly or with a standard USB charger – depending on the application. Additionally, energy harvesting is being designed as a parallel option for limited applications.

Cloud based application


Cloud based software application to store, process and view the data.

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Cloud based application and gateway:
The application collects force measurement data from the measurement hardware, stores the data into the cloud and provides a visual interface for a user. Additionally, the application manages data transmission between the sensor, the mobile and the cloud and provides standardized data interfaces which can be used in customer specific or in 3rd party cloud and mobile applications. The application consists of three main logical elements: a gateway, a cloud service and a user interface. The gateway, for example a mobile phone, tablet or sports watch, connects sensor hardware to the internet. The cloud service is the part of the application which stores and indexes measurement data in a way that can be efficiently utilized by various sources. The user interface controls the measurement hardware and visualizes both real-time and stored measurement data for the user.



Product integration service for customization and technical support.

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FORCIOT Integration service to B2B customers:
Our technology is integrated to various products that people use every day. Those products are manufactured by our business-to-business customers.

We make things easy for our customers. As part of the integration service we offer our team’s expert help for our customers and manufacturers in case it is needed.  Customization is a key element of our integration service. Our service includes designing and integrating the measurement system and related IOT solution into the customer’s products and equipment. As part of the integration service we also assist customers in selecting suitable materials and electronics depending on their needs.

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